Best Z Gallerie Holiday Decor 2012

I Want This Now: 5 Splashy Z Gallerie Holiday Items

I’m a really big fan of Z Gallerie. In general this is because I am a more-is-more type girl, and I’m not much for subtlety. IMO, Z Gallerie is filled with things that pull off that look really stylishly and at a price point that’s accessible enough.

The retailer’s holiday products are out and they’re getting me in the mood for entertaining. In my mind, I’m going to buy all these things and set effortlessly chic tables to welcome guests while snow falls gracefully outside the window. In reality, I will probably buy the one or two items that eventually go on sale, and shower in a mild panic 15 minutes before guest arrival time after I somehow get behind on my timeline, and there will surely be no snow here in Los Angeles. But, ahem, you get the gist.

Without further ado, here are the 5 cool holiday-ish things I want from Z Gallerie right now.

Bling Place Card Holders
Told you: more is more. “Bling” as a descriptor is so annoying and meaningless (another word banned by one of my editors, so I cringe by reflex even when I read it) — but it’s pretty much the right way to describe these crystal place card holders. They’re actually already on sale, at $9.99 for a set of four, so why not?

Z Gallerie Bling Place Card Holders

Z Gallerie Bling place card holders

Hudson Wine & Champagne Bowl
I’m attracted to anything that lets guests serve themselves in a manner that is both cool looking and functional. This is not because I’m lazy (which I am, selectively) but more because I just know myself, and if we have 50-ish people here as we do for our annual holiday party, I’m not going to be able to manage the cold-drink situation with aplomb unless it’s fool proof. So I like that I could fill this bowl with six bottles to start out, and then I imagine my well-mannered guests might even refill it themselves with bottles they’ve brought as hostess gifts throughout the night.

Z Gallerie Hudson Wine & Champagne Bowl

Z Gallerie Hudson wine and champagne bowl

Spruzzo Charger
Totally want these. I’m somewhat new to entertaining, which has only taken off for us in a rather more grown-up way (to the extent we ever do anything in a grown-up way around here — we’re pretty casual people) since we bought our first home this year. I’ve accumulated enough good stuff by now to set a pretty festive table, although one thing of which I own zero (nice sentence structure) is chargers. I’d love to get some fun ones that feel seasonal for the holidays, but are versatile enough to mess around with all year by changing up the rest of the table decor. These are fun, right?

Z Gallerie Spruzzo Charger Set

Z Gallerie Spruzzo charger set

Feather Wreath
Now that we have an actual door to the actual front patio, which leads to the actual street, versus a door that leads to a condo building hallway on the fourth floor, I’m kind of into the idea of getting a wreath. Wreaths are nondenominational, right? (Let me Google that. OK, I think it’s fine.) I love this pretty feathered one. Not too forced pine-y (again, it’s Los Angeles) and spare but chic.

Z Gallerie Feather Wreath

Z Gallerie feather wreath

Mirror Place Mat
OK, I’m not actually going to buy these, because they’re so over the top. My friends would give me the “only you…” reaction, which I do totally relish when I’m wearing some ridiculous thing with too many sequins on it. But I mean — there’s no place for these in a 1,350-square-foot house in no way affiliated with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Still, behold, just for fun.

Z Gallerie Mirror Place Mat

Z Gallerie mirror place mat

What holiday items are you jazzed about this season?

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