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To Bebe or Not to Bebe? First Flight After Twins Sparks Family Debate

Tickets booked: We’re off again!

This time, it’s another significant milestone for us. It will be our first flight as a couple, away from babies, since the twins were born.

Yes, both David and I have traveled for work separately. And we’ve traveled together by car, too. But this time we’re busting the passports out of the safe — along with my wedding rings that finally fit again after a year, hooray! — and winging away to Mexico next month.

When I snagged our tickets, I did so knowing that it left us options. For a zillion reasons I hardly need to illuminate here, this wouldn’t be some big adventure travel blowout, or anything with a 15-hour time zone difference. No, this would be a luxurious, relaxing beach vacay of the highest order, in relatively close proximity. Our flights to Puerta Vallarta with plans to head to the amenity-filled St. Regis Punta Mita (pictured above) would leave our options open: We could figure out later whether or not to bring the wee babes, and the vacay could equally well accommodate either choice.

Somewhat surprisingly, I found myself rooting for the pro-kids trip, with David falling sharply on the other side of the coin, thanks mostly to safety concerns such as measles, and whether or not we should be bringing on airplanes kids who are too young to be vaccinated. (If you’re wondering about this question yourself, you might find an answer here in this Slate piece about travel with baby during the measles outbreak.)

To me, this reasoning sounded like a slippery slope: You start ruling out airplanes, and then you rule out public parks and restaurants and pretty soon you never leave the house, and I just can’t live like that, homie.

Beyond that, we’d have to rush the heck out of their passports at a huge expense if we were going to bring them, given we didn’t even have their birth certificates in hand yet.

But of course, if the babies didn’t come, then we would be more free to spend endless stretches of time on the sand reading and drinking margs and enjoying lavish massages at the Remede Spa and having super subdued and sophisticated dinner conversation at Carolina and generally reconnecting as new-parent spouses and all manner of grown-folks’ biz.

And that all sounds pretty good, notgonnalie. So heeeeeeeeeey! Hubby wins. We’ve decided the babes will stay at home in the excellent care of four devoted and eager grandparents, as well as the doting and competent nanny who lovingly takes care of them when we work — and it’s hasta luego for mommy and daddy.

But meanwhile, the whole decision-making process has actually served as a great opportunity to get a move on processing those passports so we have them whenever the babes are ready for their first international jaunt. So, we’re going to the post office to file the paperwork tomorrow, a little family Valentine’s Day activity with my three lovies. To prepare, we did an infant passport photo shoot on the bedsheets and I ask you! Is there anything cuter than these future travelers?


Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy adventures, to all!

Baby boy passport photo

Baby girl passport photo

I’d love to hear about your experiences related to travel with baby — or travel without baby. Share your stories in the comments!

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