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Only in L.A.? The Grove’s Knockout New Lobby Design

Who’s noticed the new residential-feeling lobby area in the parking garage at the Grove? It’s the kind of thing that makes you go “only in L.A….”—and it’s totally gorgeous.

The design-minded lobby revamp made its debut a couple of months ago and includes pretty stone flooring, opulent chandeliers, a leather ceiling, and seating groups that feel plucked from a five-star hotel lobby. In fact, the look comes from the Rockwell Group, also known as the folks behind such hotels as the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (another personal favorite since I covered its impossibly splashy opening), not to mention the wildly imaginative Crystals at CityCenter.

Stylehaus at the Grove

Stylehaus at the Grove

For further home-decor inspiration, there’s also a family area, with kids’ playroom including chalkboard, wall map, TV, and seating that somehow seems to achieve the unicorn-like combo of chic and durable.

Also part of the big-money upgrade to the lobby is the 1,000-square-foot lounge known as Stylehaüs at the Grove. The idea is that the shopping center’s new executive style director, Marina Monroe, offers personal shopping and stylist services from the super-luxe membership showroom. (BTW, services start at $100, so they’re actually kind of accessible for a one-off kick.) An in-store bar cart is the stuff of vintage dreams, and the mirrored dressing rooms are totally sleek.

Shine at the Grove

The Grove Shine

Maybe you’ve also seen? Just adjacent is the Grove Shine, a handsome shoe-shine stand meant to evoke ’20s New York. Willie’s Shoe Shine vet Raul Ojeda trains all the employees for a totally high-end experience. You can leave shoes and they’ll repair them off-site for later pickup too.

Inspiring design, right? And all right under a sprawling parking structure. Only in L.A., you might say.

The Grove L.A. Lobby

Not bad for a parking garage, right?

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