Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement
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Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement (Or: Holiday Bombshell!)

Last Thanksgiving was one for the books.

Just two days before, we’d learned I was pregnant. We figured there’d be no better time to tell our families than on a day devoted to gratitude and togetherness, and on a day when both sets of parents would be in the same room.

Because I was overall so nervous and jittery while processing the news, I didn’t want any big to-do—definitely no Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement that would be destined to go viral. I just wanted my husband to share the news unceremoniously and succinctly, so that it would be out there. I’m bad at secrets, and carrying this one for even those 60 hours felt like a burden to bear!

After a few late arrivals and a bunch of flitting around the kitchen, at last everyone was sitting down on the sofa for hors d’oeuvres at my in-laws’ house, and my husband seized the moment, blurting out: “We just want to let you all know that Alice is pregnant.”

I looked down nervously into my lap. Silence. More silence. What?!

Finally, I heard, “Wait, are you joking?” There’s some confusion about who said it —was it my cousin? My mother in law? And was is 10 seconds? 30? 60? But the point is, with all of our globe trotting and tight lips about future plans, we’d apparently convinced our entire family that we wouldn’t be going for babies any time soon! (In truth—we were stamping the hell out of our passports in a hurry, knowing that babies were the next step.) They couldn’t even believe it.

But this was no joke, of course, and finally everyone exhaled and cheered and hooted and hollered. There wasn’t a dry eye in the building. They were beyond thrilled—and, I think, relieved! (Everyone had wanted kids for us, while we kicked that can down the road for years, privately making our plans as a couple.)

Eventually, we all settled around the table (that’s the very one in the picture!), for a dinner we would never forget—an evening that, though blurry, we’re sure to tell our kids about around the holiday table for many years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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