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West Elm Angled-Leg Dining Table

A Few of My Favorite Things: West Elm

Now that we have our very first home, I feel so blessed that we also have an unlimited budget to decorate it, and unlimited time and inclination to boot. Zing! That’s not true.

What we do have is a brand new, nearby West Elm, and it’s one of the chain stores where we picked up an array of great stuff. We also abused a bunch of coupons in ways like this: “Hi, I know it’s December and you’re offering this AmEx cardholder promotion, but we’ll probably move into our house in June. Can you just initial here saying you’ll give us 20 percent off everything in the store then instead? Sweet, thanks.” That kind of stuff works, people. Squeaky wheel/oil.

Anyway! Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things that are still available online. Continue Reading