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Party of 20? Here’s Where to Take a Large Group to Celebrate a Birthday in Los Angeles

This may be obvious to most people, but it wasn’t to me: Restaurants don’t really want your group of 20 on a Saturday night without a pre fixe menu or per-person minimum. This is understandable—you don’t want to overwhelm the staff, and you don’t want the kitchen to run out of ingredients—but I thought I could turn up a venue in Los Angeles that would nevertheless be eager to accommodate our sizable group in honor of my husband’s birthday.

We found $35-per-person minimums, with pre-set menus, wherever we looked. We weren’t hosting the dinner (that is to say, we were gathering the group, but not picking up the tab), and we hate to impose on our friends’ wallets. Some drink, some don’t drink, some just nibble a nosh, others are hungry for a full dinner, some have cash to spare, others are between jobs — why should everyone pay the same? Causing stress and resentment among friends isn’t hospitable. I searched and searched but by Friday before the party, I was still without a confirmed location and I was starting to sweat it, mini-panicked that I was losing my detail-minded-group-leader-knows-the-hell-out-of-Los-Angeles-venues touch.

And then I stumbled upon the perfect place! All of this is to say, if you’re encountering a similar problem, I have a great solution for you: Yxta Cocina Mexiana in downtown Los Angeles. Continue Reading

Holiday Party 106

Our Fourth Annual Holiday Party! (Or: We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends)

It really takes a village, you know? To raise a child, yes, and also to throw a successful holiday party.

Our fourth annual bash was Saturday night, and of course we spent days prepping. We did our once-annual December pilgrimage to Costco, and as is typical, it was a miserable experience involving tons of eye rolling and elbow throwing. (I swear, why do people love that place? It’s downright Dante-esque.) Continue Reading