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California Dominates Conde Nast Traveler’s 2013 Gold List (Holler!)

Breaking news: Condé Nast Traveler has come out with its 2013 Gold List. Of the 510 places on earth named to the list, the United States claims 195 spots (oh hey) and California itself claims 29 (snap!) — more than any other state in the union. This makes me enormously proud, and also doesn’t surprise me even a little bit.

Among the properties new to the list is the Montage Beverly Hills (pictured above) — truly one of my favorite places in the area, with a special personal resonance (the site of my bridal shower, a pre-wedding spa day with hubby, and the place where my brother-in-law proposed to his bride). It’s also maybe the most luxurious and comfortable spa I have had the pleasure to visit (which is saying a lot, given my affinity, a.k.a. obsession, with gorgeous spas the world over). Continue Reading

Paris 1 Nails on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood
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The Best $25 Mani/Pedi Places in Los Angeles: 3 Neighborhoods, 3 Salons

This is a very personal and potentially contentious topic that could (ahem) get the claws to come out. People who are salon loyal will have other opinions and will think mine are lame, and will quietly roll their eyes (mentally) and pity me.

But I characterize myself as 1) committed to nice nails, 2) having rather high expectations for salons, 3) not interested in paying more than I have to, and 4) selectively lazy as hell and willing to go to great lengths to avoid a schlep or parking drama. That said, here are my picks for three amazing places to get a great mani/pedi in the three neighborhoods I know well: Westwood (where I used to live), Beverly Hills (near our new home in Carthay Square), and West Hollywood (walking distance from Equinox, where I work out). Without ado:  Continue Reading