Restaurant Review: Sea Satin Market, Mykonos, Greece

This may be a controversial viewpoint, but here’s only my own perspective. I’m a vegetarian, so when I travel internationally, I don’t expect to get to sample all of the flavors of the country. I am often relegated to sides. So my expectation of, say, amazingly fresh fish was not a factor on our visit to Sea Satin Market. I had some tzatziki and the like, which was actually pretty amazing and reasonably priced. But whatever. Here’s the draw: We went at sunset and sat at absolutely the most pristine oceanfront table I’ve ever laid eyes on—even superior to any table we had on our Bora Bora honeymoon. Gorgeous, simply dressed candlelit tables open to the twilight air as the waves lap at the rocks below and the sky changes Crayola colors. It’s a don’t-miss for the view and location alone. The funny thing is that we showed up without a reservation at about 8:15 p.m. and got the best table in the house (which would have been an impossibility in a place like our home town of Los Angeles). There was nearly no one there yet. Like most places in Mykonos, it doesn’t start buzzing until after 10 — after which I hear people have mad crazy fun dancing on the tables. But if like me you’re an early riser versus a night owl, go for the sunset and you will not be disappointed.

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