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I love travel. I love shopping. And I’d love for you to like this blog’s Facebook page.

To that end, I’ve put together a fun little contest for you all, my dear readers, and all you have to do is “like” my Facebook page and you could win all this great stuff. For added festivity and fun (my dual middle names), I’ll draw the winner on July 15—my birthday! (Just be based in the U.S. to win, please.)

The prize you will receive, you lucky thing, is…a lovingly assembled group of fun stuff I picked up from all over the world. (Here’s how I ended up with a lot of it: I have a tendency to say, “This sarong is beyond gorgeous! I’d better buy 10 of them while I’m in this magical far-flung place!” I keep one, give six to friends and fam—and then keep the rest in the hall closet forever.) And! Plus! You’ll get some great on-theme travel extras to boot!

The prize includes:

  • A pair of lovely wooden bracelets (one glazed natural wood, one multicolored) I picked up at a street market in Ubud, Bali (here, in fact). Amazing for accessorizing this summer.
  • A set of wooden chopsticks with cool inlaid details purchased at a crazy indoor market in Nha Trang, Vietnam that kept losing power, so we used our cell phones as our shopping beacons.
  • A really cool, colorfully embroidered wallet purchased at the famous Bến Thành Market in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (where I also saw this cray stuff — thirsty, anyone?).
  • A great little Indian-inspired makeup bag or other small-accessories holder, with tags, perfect for pretty and organized travel.
  • A rainbow-striped towel that fits in its own matching tote bag, with tags. (Hello, cute and compact for the beach! Add your cell phone and keys to the roomy bag, and you’re golden.)
  • A shrink-wrapped DVD of Midnight in Paris to inspire your imagination — and your wanderlust. (Plus, Adrien Brody, obvi.)

Yay! Who wouldn’t want all these goodies? I would totally want them.

You can have them! All you have to do is “like” the Homebody in Motion Facebook page (which you can do by clicking here) and you’ll be entered to win!

And by “entered” I probably literally mean that I will write all your names down manually and actually pull one out of my new Panama hat (which I got from J. Crew this year after I destroyed the Panama hat I got in Argentina the day after I bought it when I forgot to take it off on a boat that took us right under the thundering thundering Iguazu Falls in 2011 — smart move, Einstein.)

Thanks to my readers and Facebook fans, old and new! You’re the best for reading.

And good luck!

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