LA Furniture Store Barcelona Table and Chairs for Outdoor Entertaining

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As you know by now, I’m in the middle of a house remodel that has necessitated our move out of our house — and in with parents and in-laws. As disruptive as this is (and I’m sure I could think of a few other choice adjectives to describe it as well), it also provides a great sense of excitement: When we move back in, we’re going to have a brand-new-feeling place and a fresh start.

To go with our new bathroom, new office, new dining room, and revamped dressing and laundry room, we’re definitely eyeing plenty of new furniture. (Obvi!)

LA Furniture Store has a couple of locations right near us, at the Westside Pavilion and in Downtown L.A. (not to mention e-commerce and locations in Florida and New York as well), and would be a great place to pick up some key pieces. Here’s what I’m thinking…


How much would this pulled-together black desk and chair add a sense of richness to a converted-garage home office?

For the office, I love how the richness of these pieces would make my new work space feel so luxe and inviting, instead of like a converted garage (which, you know, it actually will be): How cool and statement-making is this black lacquer crocodile desk, with this coordinating arm chair?

In front of the converted garage, we’re installing a new patio, which we anticipate will get a ton of use for entertaining. We’ve never really had any impressive (or even adequate) outdoor dining furniture, and I am so excited to find a spacious and glam, but unfussy, dining set to toast alfresco among friends. This Barcelona table and chairs for six (pictured above) is perfect — pulled together but totally accessible. (Just like me! Ha, I try.)

LA Furniture Store Fabric Sofa

It’s a tall order, but I bet this sofa set could manage my two-cat, two-baby durability needs!

We’re not touching the living room in the remodel, but how can I leave the stateliest room in the house untouched when so much else is new? We’ve been searching for new sofa seating — and with two babies on the way and two cats already in the house, we’ve obviously been looking for a new sofa set that will have major endurance potential and durable fabric, but with an overall totally clean and streamlined aesthetic. Thinking this is it.

You know what I also covet? This gilded starburst mirror, which has kind of a mid-century modern feel that reminds me of my favorite getaway destination, Palm Springs. I think it’s a steal at $125 — and it can be yours for free! You have until the end of the month to win a $125 gift card from LA Furniture store. To enter, just “like” the Homebody in Motion Facebook page, and leave a comment with the LA Furniture Store item (or items!) you’d love to scoop up if you won. The gift card is delivered electronically, and the winner can be located anywhere in the U.S.

Cheers to sleek, modern new home goodies for all of us!

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