I Want This Now: Williams-Sonoma Dorset Crystal Barware

Even though I’m Jewish, I remember at least once writing a this-is-what-I-want letter to Santa. (That was every kid, regardless of denomination, right?) I remember what I asked for: a plastic candy-cane-shaped tube filled with M&Ms. Talk about squandering an opportunity.

This year, I’ve already gotten everything I wanted materially. We closed on our first home, so sweet and cozy I recall literally squealing when I first set eyes upon it. More recently, I got a new 15-inch MacBook Pro, which felt downright bougie as a replacement for my Flintstones-era, employer-issued 13-inch MacBook that approximated the max productivity of an Apple IIc. On a trip last month to Las Vegas on assignment, I sat down at the bar at the end of a long work day, promptly hit four deuces on a deuces-wild video poker slot machine, and marched right into Crystals at CityCenter to parlay those winnings into my first-ever Louis Vuitton bag — something rather shockingly out of character for my death-before-retail philosophy. And then, this weekend, we sold my six-year-old Madza (still “new” according to my previous attitude toward car ownership) that had recently developed major mechanical problems, and turned it into a 2013 hybrid — a fancier car than I’ve ever had or even wanted.

All of that is to say, my material desires are more than fulfilled (to guilt-inducing excess, in fact) and I want neither M&M-filled candy cane nor anything else. Except one thing: this cut-crystal glassware from Williams-Sonoma.

When hubby and I registered for wedding gifts, we didn’t really know what we were doing, so he actually took the lead.

Dorset Crystal Highball and Double Old-Fashioned from Williams-Sonoma

Dorset highball and double old-fashioned from Williams-Sonoma

But in fairness, as the son of an interior decorator, he already knew more than I did at the time. We both decided against registering for china — I am a traditionalist in some ways and wanted it at first, but found most of the patterns hideously dated and not fresh — and plus we’re just so casual, we wouldn’t have needed it. However, one traditional thing for which I wish I’d lobbied harder is cut crystal. Something about it — apart from the look — is so satisfying. The heavy weight, the vintage character, the statement-making quality. And the fact that you can’t watch Boardwalk Empire without pining after it.

So I’ve looked around and keep coming back to one set at Williams-Sonoma: the Dorset lead-crystal barware. Evidently named for a picturesque county on England’s southern coast, the pieces have hand-cut fluting that seems to me adequately either feminine or masculine. I imagine buying a full set of the double old-fashioneds and using them for cocktails, and a set of the highballs for water and soft drinks. I’m not sure if that’s technically the way to do it, but it aint rocket science.

I see these as everyday pieces — #YOLO, right? — but husband would want to reserve them for guests and occasions. Either way, it’s a pretty, and accessibly affordable, set I’d love to have in the house.

Of course, all I need in this house is my husband, our pets, and our health and safety. The laptop, the LV bag, the car — that’s just icing. My cup already runneth over, you might say.


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