Hotel Review: Hotel Jardin de Iguazu, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

For context, we visited Iguazu Falls as part of a three-leg trip that began with Buenos Aires, included the falls in the middle, and ended with Rio de Janeiro — a fabulous one-two-three punch I would recommend to anyone. We did the whole thing in eight nights (three-two-three) — the American way! — and didn’t feel rushed or tired.

When we pulled into Puerto Iguazu around midnight after our flight from Buenos Aires was delayed, we weren’t sure what to expect as far as the safety of the town. We would eventually learn it’s a quaint little place with kind people and even its own mini (but lively) restaurant row. That said, Puerto Iguazu is not fancy. For fancy, stay not at the Sheraton in the park on the Argentine side of the falls, but at the Hotel das Cataratas in the park on the Brazilian side, which looked lovely.

Anyway, for about $100 USD, we got a simple but clean room (much larger than the one we’d come from in Buenos Aires), and two daily breakfasts (also no frills, only pastries, cereal, coffee, juice).

Jardin de Iguazu, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Pool and deck area at the Jardin de Iguazu in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

There is a cute little pool, and games to borrow in the restaurant. The deck area on a warm night would be perfect for sharing beers and playing dominoes.

The staff is so kind, although spoke little English. Our Spanish was adequate to communicate, but not to chit chat. You might be out of pocket if you speak no Spanish at all.

Tip: If you’re looking for a driver to Brazil for that side of the park, or the airport, or for whatever reason, put your trust in Sebastian. The hotel set us up with him and his car for almost a whole day, which set us back only about $70 USD, and he was very sweet, trustworthy, dependable. He helped us through the border crossings (we speak no Portuguese), and even stopped to take our photos and explain the sights on the bridge that separates Brazil from Argentina in the tri-country area with Paraguay.

A solid, though not luxurious, bet.

Hotel Jardin de Iguazu, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Price: $ out of a possible $$$$
Location: 3 out of a possible 4
Sleep quality: ZZ out of a possible ZZZZ
Service: ** out of a possible ****
Overall grade: B

Date of visit: April, 2011

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