'90s hip hop themed baby shower
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It Takes Two! Hip Hop Baby Shower Theme For the Twins

Shortly after David and I started dating, we went on a camping trip to Big Sur with friends. There was probably alcohol involved when we ended up doing an impassioned fireside a capella duet to LL Cool J’s “Around the Way Girl.” My girl Melissa said, “Man, you dorks were made for each other.”

And the rest is history, a marriage built on the fundamentals of, among a few other key things, a shared love of ’90s hip hop. Appropriately, on our wedding day, my MOH sister Elisabeth and bestie bridesmaid Avril kicked off their shoes and did an epic rap in lieu of a toast to MC Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s “It Takes Two,” with new lyrics just for us. *Tears.* It was the best. (Note to self: Launch retroactive viral video campaign. First dig up video.)

Four years later, now that we’re expecting twins — guess what? The “It Takes Two” theme works equally well as a celebratory anthem! (Twins! Two?! Get it?) So the wedding party crew was back at it as hostesses behind an amazing ’90s hip hop baby shower theme.

Behold some of the photographic highlights from the day:

'90s hip hop theme cake with cassette tapes

I mean hello — this ’90s hip hop theme cake! My sister Elisabeth drew the cassettes and had them transferred. My favorite is the tagged Jewish stars.

'90s hip hop themed baby shower

My girl Melissa made these onesies. Can you stand it?!

'90s hip hop themed babay shower

Piece de la resistance? Cookies rendered in the forms of Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, and Eazy E. (May they all R.I.P.) The cookie cutters come from Melissa’s fiance’s company Gamago.

90s hip hop themed baby shower

OMG! Tiny Adidas and Baby Phat track suits for the plush table centerpieces. And peep the record place mats! Also from Gamago.

'90s hip hop themed baby shower

“It Takes Two,” y’all! It takes a village, actually, and I’m crazy glad for the women around me who are not only brilliant pillars of support, but also just so damned fun.


Epilogue: With so many people in town for my shower, I wanted to keep the party going. So, sure, maybe I was swollen and sweaty and generally overexerted (yeah, that’s just what time it is at 33 weeks pregnant with twins), but I actually went out and met the girls at the Ace Hotel for drinks (me: food) afterward! And the next day, I hosted a breakfast here before everyone left for the airport. I was glad to have a new patio on which to entertain, and a shade umbrella from Kohl’s to manage my pregnant-lady glow, also known as profuse sweating that is not remotely cute.

'90s hip hop themed baby shower

Love these ladies! (Also, can we talk about my Rachel Pally caftan?)

Kohl's Sonoma umbrella

Sadly this pool is not mine, because I would pretty much kill for a jump in cool water right now. But that’s the brown umbrella we scooped up from Kohl’s to shade our otherwise full-sun backyard.

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  • Reply Sharee July 26, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    I love this! I am planning a nineties baby shower for myself (screw tradition) and I am taking and tweaking some of these ideas for my shower. (CDs instead of records, etc). Where on Earth did you get those cookies?! I LOVE THEM!

    • Reply Alice July 27, 2014 at 5:38 pm

      SO glad you’re into it Sharee! The cookie cutters are from a novelty company called Gamago, which has tons of cool stuff — and they were truly the hit of the party. You can often find Gamago at places like Urban Outfitters, etc.: http://www.gamago.com/

  • Reply Jackie September 10, 2014 at 12:08 am

    Love this post!! I just googled “Notorious BIG cookie cutter” because I saw it on Instagram today and couldn’t find it through the site. Your pic came up!! We are having a reveal party for my girlfriend when she announces the sex of her baby. Her husband is a huge old school rap fan, so these cookie cutters are perfect!! I think I’ll have to play “Around the way girl” if they cut the cake and it’s pink!! Thanks for linking to where I can buy the cookie cutters!!!

    • Reply Alice February 26, 2015 at 9:44 pm

      Update: The cookie cutters are now available at Forever 21! Wooooo! Of course, your party is long over by now, Jackie, but I hope it went great! Boy or girl?!

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