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Happy Halloween!

For Halloween today, my son is an off-the-rack skeleton from Old Navy — but that’s whatever. My daughter is a hula girl, and her costume is the point of the story:

In November of 2009, David and I were going on a trip to Hawaii. It was the depths of the recession, and work seemed fragile, and everyone in the world was freaking out, but that was all peripheral for the moment: I knew David was going to propose. I knew he had the ring somewhere on his person. I knew that’s what made him cry while watching Up on the plane. I knew David was the only man I’d ever love, and I knew our life would unfold together. I knew I knew I knew.

On the day after we arrived in Maui, he did propose. He asked me to marry him on a hike over a lava flow, and I levitated over my body in the magic of it all.

The next day, back on the mainland, my sister gave birth to my niece. A lot of magical moments were happening all around.

In Lahaina, we stopped into a souvenir shop and bought the new baby a sweet little pink Hawaiian printed dress and diaper cover. The new baby is five now. David and I got married, we traveled the world together, we lost a pet tragically and adopted new ones, we bought a house, we filled it with love, we made two babies (who traveled to three countries and four Hawaiian islands in utero), we built a life richer and fuller than I could have even imagined that day on the lava flow. A whole life — it’s too enormous to even dream.

When our twins were born in July, the Hawaiian dress came back to us in a vacuum-sealed storage bag of hand-me-downs. And now it’s Maya’s hula girl costume (at least a culturally inaccurate representation for the purpose of a my-first-Halloween photo).

What other unspeakably beautiful moments in life have yet to unfold? Ones that might be predicted, and ones even out of the realm of imagination? What precious, miraculous little lady will wear this outfit next?

For me, it’s a giddy thought. Sunrise, sunset. Life is sweet.

Happy Halloween! x

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