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Happy Hanukkah! (And the Gifts I’m Getting for the Twins Slash Myself)

It’s babies’ first Hanukkah around here this week, and I’m feeling very jolly.

First of all, it’s been a week of nonstop holiday parties, both of the family-friendly and heavy-boozing varieties. Beyond that, I (mostly) honored my vow to myself to taper off my write-aholism in the last couple weeks of the year, so that I could find time for such things as braving Whole Foods on a rainy afternoon, followed by lighting a fire in the fireplace, and making homemade matzoh ball soup and latkes for my guy. That night, the first night of Hanukkah, he held a baby in each arm while I lit the candles and my heart exploded. It’s been quite a year.

Overall, I’m celebrating the abundance in my life, and I’m so very grateful to be surrounded by so much love. I hope I did something good in a past life to deserve all of it.

Of course, a few awesome new material things around holiday time are the icing…

Baby Brezza Forumla Pro at Target

Baby Brezza Formula Pro at Target

This year, I’m pretty psyched about some Hanukkah gifts I’m picking up kinda-for-the-twins-and-kinda-for-myself, thanks to my friends at Target (who, full disclosure, sprung for a fab shopping spree). Specifically, I’m super happy I can finally fulfill my heart’s raging desire for a Baby Brezza Formula Pro — something I’ve lusted over for months, as evidenced in my roundup of the best twin baby products here. It’s basically, a bougie espresso maker for my discerning twins (and their mom, who never has enough hands). We fancy, huh?

Beyond that, I’m picking up a Graco play yard, now that Maya is rolling over like a champ — and I know Jordan isn’t too far behind. These kids are going to be cruising off in opposite directions in no time flat. (And then off to college, sniff.) And I’m stocking up on Honest Company products that address both Jordan’s sensitive skin and my moderate germophobia.

And you know what? I’m also going to scoop up a big-old bottle of champagne for a serious New Year’s Eve toast (in all likelihood, and very happily, at home). Because, gurrrrrl, what I’ve been through this year? I deserve it.

And so do you! Tell me what gifts you’re picking up for yourself, and for your kids, this holiday season!

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