Crane & Canopy Signature Duvet

I Want This Now: Crane & Canopy’s Neat New Duvet Set

This is kind of a no-brainer of an idea, now that someone else — obviously with a highly evolved brain — came up with it: an easy-to-manage duvet cover.

You know how much of a pain it is to change that thing, which is such a large and unwieldy and badly designed item and you end up flapping your arms wildly, and eventually spreading everything out on the cat-hair-filled carpet just to wrangle it, which is totally something you were trying to avoid? It’s one chore that just seems so unmanageable and un-fun. (#Firstworldproblems, but still.)

Enter Crane & Canopy, a just-launched company that came up with a signature product that pretty much solves the problem. The two-tone pieces offer the look of a duvet cover with perfectly folded flat sheet underneath, so it’s easy and fast to make the bed in a way that looks very tidy. There’s also a more logical placement of the closure toward the middle of the bed, instead of at the end, making it easy to take on and off. Plus it’s a zipper for a neater look than buttons.

I also love the designs, which strike me as sophisticated but unfussy too. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but the set seems awfully fairly priced at $129, wouldn’t you say?

As a new business, Crane & Canopy totally passes my Shark Tank Test, which is when I think to myself, “If I saw this product on Shark Tank, would I holler to the sharks on TV that this is a really smart thing and if they don’t invest in it, it’s because they don’t know what women want?” Yes, in this case, I would. Passed.

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