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Best Twin Baby Products: What I’m Drooling Over and What I Can’t Live Without

When I was a thousand weeks pregnant, David and I were looky-looing a ginormous open house down the block from us—an event that typically brings all the neighbors out in our extremely real-estate-obsessed community. (#Angelenos.) The broker told me I should be sure to meet another neighbor who was also there looky-looing, who’d just delivered twins a couple of weeks before. So I did, and we had a great chat. Mostly what I took away from it was that she looked like she’d never been pregnant in her life—and I had renewed (and it turns out false) hope for my immediately postpartum bod.

Now our twins are eight weeks old, and hers are 12. David and I love walking by their house in the evening. It’s one of our favorite houses in the neighborhood—so quintessentially deco Spanish—and they’re often sitting on the front porch with their babes, so we exchange wisdom and pleasantries. It’s very 227 as L.A. goes.

Given their babes are four weeks ahead of ours, we often get useful information about the best twin baby products we’re going to be needing ourselves any day now. Thanks to this neighbor mom, I have a new list of amazing product recs I am completely drooling over. And of course, I have my own list of things I love and can’t live without—widsom I impart to any twin mom (or twin mom-to-be!) who listens. Without further ado, here they are:

Twin Baby Products I’m Drooling Over:

  • Table for Two twin baby feeder. Wait, this is amazing. This feeder looks like tiny side-by-side movie theater seats (with cute upholstery—see the pic above) and it allows you to feed two babies at once in comfort (or just, you know, at all). Theoretically this would allow one spouse to sleep while the other manages the night feeding solo, quickly and neatly. (I especially like this if the sleeping spouse is me.) (About $250.)
  • Baby Brezza. Do you guys know about this? It’s like a fancy espresso maker for your formula. You just pour a bunch of powdered formula and water in, and it makes bottles that are precisely blended and always the right temperature. If you have twins in particular, you know that hands are a commodity more valuable than gold, and you never have enough of them. One baby is always crying when the other needs a bottle. There is no time to waste. I want this. (About $160.)

Twin Baby Products I Can’t Live Without:

  • Chicco KeyFit 30 infant carseats are godsends, because they couldn’t be any easier to pop in and out. This also saved us $85 a pop on additional car seat bases for our second car because they’re so fuss free, it’s hardly stressful to transfer them between cars. (In fact, we even bought the extra bases and returned them). (About $190.)
  •  My BrestFriend twin nursing pillow is literally the only way I can think of to pull off the superhero feat of tandem nursing. Any nursing twin mom probably knows about this one, of course… (About $58.)
  • OK, I admit this one is for me—though one day soon I expect it will be for the babes too: my Blendtec blender. You know how my neighbor twin mom friend got her body back in two weeks? Yeah, that didn’t happen for me. So I’m getting really serious about turning that situation around, and one of my favorite ways to do it is through juice. The Blendtec has a really cool digital interface that somehow reminds me of the fancy iPad controls in high-end Vegas hotel rooms. It makes quick work of the likes of kale, of course, but is also great for nut milks and soups. When they’re ready, the twins are getting home-made baby food from it too!

Tell me what I missed: What are your favorite baby products?

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