best travel photographers in Instagram

9 Travel Feeds to Follow on Instagram Right Now

Instagram is my special, sacred place on social media. Unlike the cacophony that is my Twitter feed, for instance, my Instagram feed is a highly curated mix of about 150 posters whose every image I want to savor. They are almost entirely individuals (most of whom I know and love personally, or have met and admire), with a only a couple of brands mixed in, and my feed is tightly enough edited that I don’t miss anything. My favorite topics include nail art, vegan food, cats (obviously, hello), Los Angeles lifestyle, events — and most of all travel.

Behold my personal and completely unscientific sampling of some of the best travel photographers on Instagram, and one wanderlust-inspiring brand too — now updated with a some new favorites just in time to kick off the 2015 summer travel season!


best travel photographers on Instagram

Kim is the director of PR for the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, and lives an absolutely enviable life of luxury world travel. Her particular affinities are for South America and Greece — and basically anywhere there’s a yacht party. Recent posts include insane snaps from destinations like the Maldives and Bali.


Starbase Instagram

As the Africa travel expert for GeoEx, Starla’s Instagram reads like a National Geographic special slash makes you wonder why you ever worked a single day at a desk. #YOLO/#FOMO (Yomo?) times infinity squared. She has journeyed through close to 20 African countries — on foot, 4×4 vehicles, quad bikes, kayak, canoe, hot air balloon, helicopter, and any number of small aircraft. (She’s also a friend, who has guest posted a series of Africa travel tips on this blog.)


Daria Salamon Instagram

Blogger Daria Salamon is currently taking a year off to travel the world. This would make for a worthy feed to follow under any circumstances — but I’m particularly interested that she’s doing it with kids. While it’s not for me, I love that it’s for her — and I’m so curious to watch it all unfold. (Curious, and OK, yeah — jealous, given they’re in Fiji at the mo’.) As an aside, she blogged the answer to the endlessly asked question “How do you do it?” here.


best travel photographers on Instagram

I’m trying to figure out how this former office co-worker of mine lives a life so untethered to a desk. Follow Yvette in particular for natural landscapes like mountains and waterfalls — and tons of great hiking porn. She just explored Vietnam’s wild caves. And is soon planning a return to hike Half Dome for the third time and at last conquer it; this is a summit we have both tried and failed to achieve thanks to anxiety about that last rickety cable ascent. Stay tuned!


best travel photographers on Instagram

Managing editor at The Points Guy, Eric Rosen (no relation) has the feed to follow for a look inside the airlines’ best first- and biz-class seat accommodations and lounges. Oh, and then the destinations are pretty great too.


best travel photographers in Instagram

Another Four Seasons PR type, Nicola is an expat bon vivant who was living in Thailand when I first met her. Since, she’s been promoted to head up PR for the Four Seasons in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, from her post in Dubai. She once shot many to-die-for Southeast Asian island landscapes, and now there are many more striking desert scenes and wild architectural views. But there are also a lot of cats! Nicola shoots a lot of cats wherever she can find them, so — that’s obviously a win.


travel people to follow on Instagram

Essence magazine event chief and blogger Candace is not always traveling with her family—but when she is, she’s making it look so chic and fun (with perfect curls no matter the weather). When my twins are old enough enjoy to enjoy proper vacays, I want those trips to look like this feed—all colorful and joyful and exuding love.


best travel photographers on Instagram

Similarly, Raluca over at What Would Gwyneth Do makes family life look downright glamorous. She recently announced her blog would be taking a bit of a hiatus, but her feed still appears to be going strong. Under that impeccably curated veneer, she may have bags under her eyes— but at least they’re Prada.


best travel photographers on Instagram

Ugh, it’s so gorgeous it hurts. After my French Polynesian honeymoon in 2010, the sight of anything Bora Bora-related makes me faint slash drool slash wish I wasn’t sitting at my desk working. If Air Tahiti Nui posts another photo of rays swimming in utterly translucent water under serene standup paddleboarders, I swear I will plotz (but in a we’ll-be-back-for-sure way).

Oh and by the way? If you want to follow me, too, for L.A. lifestyle stuff, nail art, hiking, cats, travel and what I hope is a restrained collection of photos of my infant twins, you can find me at @alicedubin on Instagram. (Hey, Savvy Sassy Moms thinks I’m fun to follow, so maybe you will too!)

This post originally appeared in October 2014.

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