Barbara K DIYVA Ultimate Tool Kit

An Alternative to Big Box Browsing: Barbara K’s New Ultimate Tool Kit

It’s Black Friday at 8:39 a.m. My husband is at Lowe’s — something about outdoor lighting. I’m in bed with my laptop acting like a person whose body would physically allow her to sleep in. (Of course I’ve been up for hours puttering on the Internet, but it’s a luxurious fantasy, this “sleeping in” thing that I’m told people do on holiday weekends.)

Anyway, the aisles of Lowe’s tend to make my eyes glaze over. Home Depot is worse. (Why can’t those shopping experiences be more fun, like Target?) Do you know what I think about when I’m in Home Depot? There’s an old editing term that I’m pretty sure no one uses anymore: “MEGO.” It means “my eyes glaze over,” so if an editor scrawled it on your story somewhere, it meant your stuff was boring or meandering. I basically have “MEGO” running through my head constantly while in Home Depot. But I digress.

Despite my above-mentioned fear and loathing in big-box home-improvement stores, I am rather obsessed lately with small home improvement projects. And here’s a neat new item that might’s a bit more my speed.

Barbara Kavovit, a.k.a. Barbara K, known for creating tools meant for women, has just introduced her newest brand DIYVA (do you kind of love it?) earlier this month.

The line features the so-called Ultimate Tool Kit, which includes a 12-inch tape measure, a 7-ounce hammer, pliers, assorted hardware, a level, an interchangeable screwdriver, and a home repair booklet. You can’t exactly add on a master bedroom with this thing (a girl can dream) (I mean about the new master suite), but it’s totally cute and handy for the everyday stuff like hanging curtains, assembling furniture, hanging frames, fixing these original 1936 glass doorknobs that I love to death but will not stay secure no matter what I do — that kind of thing.

It might also contain just enough stuff, all together in one well-considered batch, to spare you from the fluorescent lighting of the big box stores for a while. Plus, it’s cute, so.

Whether you’re out there in the field today (godspeed!), or in bed like me, happy Black Friday to one and all.

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