About Me

Writer. Wanderluster. Angeleno. Wife. Vegetarian. Thirtysomething, which is so weird.

I’m a digital media writer, editor, and reporter based in Los Angeles. I recently-ish married a fellow native and we love our city and restoring our new-to-us 1936 Spanish-style home, within which we cozily anthropomorphize our cats. Sporadically festive. Selectively lazy.

Photo: Dan Hallman Photography

Find me:

  • voraciously consuming news and social media.
  • adapting recipes to their vegetarian and low-fat equivalents, with varying levels of success.
  • wearing pajamas.
  • hiking.
  • lapping up the (often free) riches of Los Angeles and its environs.
  • researching the hell out of international vacations and justifying them in elaborate ways to my husband and self.
  • obsessively planning and executing those trips as often as possible.

This blog is about home, travel, and Los Angeles lifestyle.

I’m Alesandra Dubin, but I go by Alice. Holler at me if you have something nice to say, because I’m sensitive: info@homebodyinmotion.com.

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  1. Anonymous

    Go Alice!

  2. Mary

    Greetings and Thank you Alice Since I just happen to be in the middle of doing as you do- quote-” researching the hell out of international vacations justifying in elaborate ways to my husband and myself” end quote– (!) I was fortunate and somehow— bound to find you! I had earlier made a reservation for Neorion Hotel in Istanbul and was glad to come upon your positive review. Endless choices for Istanbul hotels and all that… We will be in Istanbul 3 days Oct 31-Nov 3. Therefore–any special eateries you would like to suggest since you have been there and done that?! I appreciate your time! You can understand why my research has only just begun and with 7 months to go–I am running out of time. :) I am not the same for having seen the moon on the other side of the world and I have not been everywhere yet but it is on my list. Mary
    Thanks, Mary

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