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3 Ways to Incorporate Denim Into Home Decor

Must be the California in me: I’m a super casual person. The good news is, I think it makes me look younger. Seriously. I get carded a lot because I’m usually wearing gym clothes with my hair in a giant curly bun on top of my head. Maybe the Trader Joe’s checkers figure no employed person in her thirties would jaunt around the city like that, so I’m clearly 20. Or probably it’s just because they admire my unblemished visage and taut physique. I’m going with that.

The point is, our household is an unfailingly unfussy one. We don’t entertain with china or silver (though I am lusting over this cut crystal, uncharacteristically), and we don’t mess with look-but-don’t-touch decor.

That’s probably why denim decor appeals to me overall. It’s a great way to inject style and personality — not to mention youthfulness — into your look. And blue denim is so neutral that it can go with tons of different colors and patterns. To that end, here are three great ways to get the look in your own home:

Do Denim on the Sofa or Seating

If you’ve got the means — and the inclination — reupholster your whole sofa or chair with fabric from Eskayel’s Indigo Collection. Or, for a more budget-friendly and subtle approach, choose pillows or a pouf ottoman ($149 to $325) with similarly textured materials like canvas, but with denim-blue hues. (Did I mention I’m a big pouf advocate? Great for additional seating and for a super accessible living room look and feel.) This “Be Nice” pillow from Dormify goes for just over $50 and adds a cheeky touch.

Dormify Be Nice Pillow

Dormify’s “Be Nice” pillow

Cover the Walls
Choose wallpaper or prints in denim blues, fun patterns, or even cool textures. Eskayel Indigo Collection’s Prima wallpaper ($7 to $625) can help you achieve the effect, and its alphabet prints ($45) can add a really custom detail if you like that. (It’s kind of rock-n-roll-ish to me, or even cool for nursery for a baby boy — or girl, if you eschew heteronormativity. Fight the power!)

Eskayel Indigo Collection Prima wallpaper

Eskayel Indigo Collection Prima wallpaper

Use it on the Table or in Accessories
Teroforma’s Chambray Collection includes placemats, coasters, napkins, and runners ($38 to $58), a fun way to put the look right on the tabletop. The brand’s chevron trays and serving boards ($38 to $58) make neat accessories. And for a splurge-y, conversation-starting accessory that’s useful for a ton of purposes to boot, try Eskayel’s Dynasty basket, hand sewn in Rhode Island ($295).

Eskayel Dynasty Basket

Eskayel Dynasty basket

Now don’t you kind of have the blues — in a good way?

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